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Northgrove University is considered pioneer among top online universities of the world. With quality higher education and accredited online degree programs and courses, Northgrove University has been contributing brilliant professionals and market leaders over the years. Apart from online education that remains unmatched on many levels, NGU is also recognized widely in the online education circle due to its trainings, student guidance, career development services and online learning management system.

NGU respects its students’ lifestyle and hence encourages them to complete their education while remaining committed to their day to day obligations and professional responsibilities. The university has also introduced scholarship program and financial aid options for the benefit of their students, contributing to their trust, stable retention rate in colleges and higher enrollments with each new semester.

NGU distinctive online programs are designed to match global education and hiring trends, satisfying the demands of non-profit organizations, non-governmental agencies, and multi-national corporations, the world over. All of our online degree programs are self-paced, and ideal for people who are trying to maintain a career, a family, and other personal commitments, for we believe that a degree should be able to adapt to the needs of students in all phases of life.


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