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If you're looking for an online university where you can study without interrupting your work or homely duties, then Northgrove University is the right choice for you. Northgrove University provides you the ease to study at your leisure, moving at your pace, pausing and continuing your education whenever you like. Northgrove University’s online courses and degree programs fit perfectly in your daily time table, its completely job oriented and provide you the chance to improve your career prospects once your online qualification is completed.

Students of Northgrove University extend over 180 countries with more than 15000 in numbers and belonging to various majors. The Northgrove University’s students are the driving power of its success. Northgrove University has been serving in the lives of our students due to its excellent online learning management system, flexible scheduling and unmatched affordability, making it an ideal choice for students and working adults alike. Accredited online degrees earned from Northgrove University improve its students’ career prospects by folds.


Future Foreground

NGU serves as a well-managed, highly active community of students and working adults, coming together to organize as well as participate in numerous online cultural activities.



As per NGU’s Presidential Scholarship program, new students as well as old students are eligible for receiving scholarships based on their performance in their respective programs & courses.


PhD Faculty

The professors and instructors at NGU come from diversified backgrounds, bringing with them corporate experience which is then expertly transferred among the students of NGU.


Learning Experience

Online learning at NGU is entirely virtual. It provides students with the privacy they need and an environment that catalysts effective learning among students.


Dedicated Online Area

Northgrove University provides its students a dedicated online area from where they can study peacefully.


Financial Aid Options

Financial aid provided by Northgrove University is a proof of its commitment to help students with their smooth academic journey.


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