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There are only a number of universities in thge world, let alone online universities, that offer students to pursue scientific research or otherwise in their feild of their interest. Northgrove University is among these handful of online universities that provide its students with extraordinary and diverse range of research areas. Northgrove's research facility provides unmatched opportunities for learning and growing students to become excellent think tanks.

In order to emphasize the need for research-based learning, Northgrove University also proviodes research scholarship. these scholarships in return, help our students to help meet the challenges of our age, whether this means working for social justice or fostering greater cross-cultural understanding.


Graduate Research Opportunity

Northgrove University Provides rare oppotunty to its students to research in the areas of their interest on mid-academic level. The university, seeing the growing interest of students in research, has allocated funds for the promotion of the research facility.


Post Graduate Research Opportunity

With post-graduate research opportunity, students can pursue research while also studying for their normal masters degree. The students are provided ample opportunities to contribute to their respective feilds of study and communities through this.


PhD Research

The Northgrove University is among the pioneers of online universities that have introduced research program in the doctorate level of studies. During this program, students can chose to study in close collaboration with their faculty as their mentor and guide.


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