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Our graduate certificate program offers students an excellent opportunity to prepare for academic and career excellence. Students are able to gain a range of practical skills and transferable knowledge. We offer you with a learning practice to ensure you are able to recognize growth opportunities. Our aim is to help students expand their sphere of practical skills and knowledge.
Northgrove University helps you earn an online graduate certificate program in a flexible, convenient and affordable way.

Quick Facts

Quick Facts about Northgrove University's Online Graduate Certificate Program:

  • Program Details
  • Program Requirements
  • Fee Structure
  • Graduate Certificate Program at Northgrove University is highly affordable and 100% Accredited in America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Oceania region. The course allows you to boost your career fastest in few months and makes you closer to your dream job. It is because of our dynamic e-education management system which helps the students to complete their course in due time. The education system at Northgrove University is design in parallel to the industry’s best practice.

    Northgrove University's Undergraduate Degree Program has met global standards of quality via international accreditation and aims to foster student potential by offering 71 different majors in 16 unique schools of study. Our 10 well-known departments offer Undergraduate Degree Program in all the highly sought-after fields whilst our 16 exclusive departments offer Undergraduate Degree Program in fields not offered by any other online university.
  • Individuals around the world pursue accredited online graduate certificates that provide concentrated instruction to prepare them for their fields of interest. The Northgrove University Graduate Certificate Programs enable individuals to land a rewarding job and achieve career growth.
    Graduate Certificate Programs Learn about the eligibility criteria and program details of our Graduate Certificate program:
    Eligibility Total Courses Credit Hours Program Completion Time
    Bachelor's Degree or equiv. International Education 2 12 1 month (Self-paced)
  • The objective of Northgrove University is to provide a high-quality education at an affordable tuition fee. In addition to affordable degree, diploma and certificate programs, the University offers numerous financial aid programs like scholarships and fee-reduction options to help students pursue their education without any financial worries.

    The online graduate certificates comprise of credit hours and a number of courses, payable through a program fee.

    Northgrove University offers two major ways to help students reduce their tuition fee:
    • Scholarships
    • Fee Reduction Options
    Below is the tuition fee for our graduate certificate program:
    Programs Total Courses Credit Hours Program Fee ($)
    Graduate Certificate 2 12 $1800